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Sydney Summer Spiritfest



FRIDAY  5th to SUNDAY 7th JANUARY 2018
Monday 8th Extra Retreat Day
Celebrating our crystal 15th Year Anniversary
with the theme of  “SPIRITUAL WISDOM”

ALL WELCOME Baden-Powell Scout Centre, Pomona Street, Pennant Hills, by Lane Cove National Park.

 Enquiries please contact Georgina JD on  mobile 0406 372 142 or email

Download the 2018 programme here.

Since 2002, Sydney Summer Spiritfest has brought together people from many paths including pagan, quaker, buddhist, goddess, shaman, and a range of eastern guru-based traditions. This unique, easy-going festival celebrates inclusiveness, and combines the sharing of practical spiritual wisdom with warmth, fun and everyday experience.

Everyone is welcome.

We are so very happy to welcome you to Spiritfest.  We invite you to spend a weekend reconnecting with divine love, in a safe and supportive environment that will encourage you to live deeply in your feelings, appreciate the beauty of life and discern what is true for you as you walk your path.

Our journeys to be here at this beautiful site on indigenous Cameraygal land, and in this community of seekers are varied and meaningful. We come for rejuvenation, celebration, healing… to sing in the meditation hall, dance joyously, see old friends, meet new family and to let ourselves be changed by the loving experience of being here together at this spiritual gathering.

At this, our 15th Spiritfest, the programme is as wide ranging as ever. As always, all spiritual paths are welcome. The magic of kiirtan / chanting and collective meditation are at the heart of Spiritfest. We offer you time to be immersed in a soundscape amid live guitar and percussion, exploring spirit in sound and movement and discovering the healing potential of our own voices chanting Sanskrit mantra and sacred songs. Meditation is the gift of letting go of preconceptions and knowing the unknowable: to know ourselves as one, not separate. If you don’t have your own practice, we’re happy to share some that will guide you to your own direct experience.

In this non-profit event we co-create a communal village. It works because we use good sense and cooperative effort. Community guidelines have evolved to help things run smoothly.  To keep costs low, we’re all happily rostered for one kitchen related task. Cost is all inclusive: nurturing vegetarian food, accommodation and inspiring activities. Please bring cash as there is no pre-registration or credit card facilities. Adults $240/220 or Saturday $100/90, Sunday $80/70.  Monday Retreat additional $50/40.  Children up to 5 free, up to 14 half price. Concession rates include students, low waged and travellers > 150km. While one day attendance is welcome, we find the most benefit is to be gained by committing to the full weekend as an integral part of a loving community.


* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2017 * *  Download the Spiritfest 2017 Programme here for our 14th year, with the theme of “Spiritual Revolution”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2016 * *  Download the  for the programme details here  SF2016_Programme for our 13th year, with the theme of “Divinity”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2015 * *  Download the 2015 Sydney Summer Spiritfest brochure here for the programme details of our 12th year, with the theme of “Commitment”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2013 * *  Download the 2013 brochure here for the programme details of our 11th year, with the theme of “Passion”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2012 * *  A very BIG THANK YOU to our fabulous crew and everyone who made the 2012 Spiritfest amazing! We especially thank Michelle & Carolyn for being our wonderful Chefs for 6 years!  We celebrated the theme “Gratitude” in 2012, to see what happened download our 2012 brochure here.

If you have attended Spiritfest in the past, please feel free to join the Sydney Summer Spiritfest Facebook Group here for updates and to connect with others.