Infinite Love Is All There Is

All welcome at the annual Winter Spiritfest Retreat held in Ballina.  The next one will be held from 5pm on 25 – midday 29  May 2017. There will be plenty of kiirtan, meditation, yoga, great and varied workshops, and lots of time for getting together with old friends and new.

What is Ballina Spiritfest? celebration: yoga, meditation, great music, new friends, creative workshops, dancing, drumming, concerts, children’s activities, swimming, bushwalking, accommodation and fantastic vegetarian food. As always, all spiritual paths are welcome. Collective meditation & kiirtan (chanting to live guitar and drums) are the heart of Spiritfest. Don’t let lack of meditation experience keep you away. We’re happy to show you the basics. This is a wonderful gathering to share with your kids. We provide an engaging children’s festival with lots of interactive indoor & outdoor fun.

Ballina Spiritfest is a smaller, slower, cosier version of Sydney Summer Spiritfest. With a usual attendance of 25-30 plus children, we have plenty of kiirtan, a couple of philosophy workshops, morning yoga, some other workshops (e.g. music healing) and two evening concerts. The afternoon soccer game is a highlight as are Bratati’s stories and the devotional flow. There’s plenty of time for catching up with old friends and lots of opportunities for making new. It’s a chance to re-create, re-focus and re-connect.  Join us in paying respect to the Arakwal people, the original owners of this area, and keep your eyes open for passing whales, resident dolphins and other wildlife.

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