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Summer Spiritfest



Chittick Lodge 21 Bridges Road, Gerringong NSW
See the Facebook event details here.

An all inclusive weekend retreat based on yoga lifestyle and philosophy. A festival dedicated to the courage & spirit in each of us to continue creating and inhaling life. All spiritual paths welcome. A LGBTQIA+ friendly Event For all to enjoy, there is no discrimination at our event only love, all are welcome, returning old timers and new like minded friends.
Set in the beautiful seaside village of Gerringong on the NSW south coast only a short distance from the beach. If you come to Spiritfest 2022 you will experience the joy and bliss of kiirtan and dance. Morning yoga classes and Meditation¬†ūüßėūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ. Opening with a mantra concert on the Friday night.
Throughout the weekend there will be workshops based on this years theme. ‚ÄúRESILIENCE ‚Äú. A concert on Saturday night for anyone who would like to contribute a song¬†ūü駬†a dance¬†ūüíɬ†, music¬†ūüéľ, poetry¬†‚úćūüŹĹ¬†or even magic¬†ūü™Ą the theme for the concert is “the bright side of life”.
The organising team have not taken the decision to go ahead with the retreat lightly, in these changing times event decisions can be challenging. We have taken all options into consideration. We will be following any NSW health guidelines that are in place at the time.
Follow this link¬†…/covi…/Pages/default.aspx¬†for further information close to the time of the event date. If we have to cancel the retreat due to covid 19 restrictions full refunds will be honoured to those who have paid. We will then offer a one day zoom event.
The retreat will be fully catered, sentient vegetarian meals. If you have any dietary requirements for example, vegan, gluten free, allergies, diabetic or lactose intolerant. You will need to notify the team via email when you register and pay, we need to know two weeks before the event for catering purposes.
The cost of the retreat is $240 per person, $130 for children, this includes all meals and snacks. You can stay onsite in your campervan for $180 including meals. Camping in tents is not allowed. You can come as a day visitor $80 a day this includes a day visitor fee and all meals.
Only 2 months to go if you are going to come we need you to register ASAP.
See the Spiritfest bank details below. When you have paid please email us the payment details and dietry requirements to ūüôŹūüß°
Retreat costs:
$240 for accommodation and all meals included
$130 for children accommodation and all meals included
$180 staying on-site in your campervan all meals included
$80 day visitor all meals included
Bank details NAB
spiritfest organising group
bsb 082-356 account 240157162
Accommodation is dorm style, there are four bunk beds in each room and we will be accommodating 4 people per room. Some rooms have ensuite bathrooms. You will need to bring your own pillows, sheets and blankets or sleeping bag and towels. The meditation hall has wooden floors, we are unable to supply yoga mats or cushions so you will need to bring your own meditation cushion, yoga mat, pillows, shawl, blanket or anything else that is going to make you feel comfortable on a wooden floor. location is at Chittick Lodge in the beautiful seaside village of Gerringong and is only a short distance from the beach so bring your swimmers with you too.
There is public transport available to Gerringong via train and bus. Let the organising team know in advance if you are traveling via public transport so we can arrange for you to be picked up from Gerringong railway station.
The weekend retreat will begin with arrivals and registrations starting at 3pm on Friday the 7th January 2022 and ending on Sunday the 9th January 2022 at 3pm. There will be a registration area set up and from there you will be directed to your rooms.
Friday evening we will meet in the meditation hall at 5-30 pm for Kiirtan and sadhana. Dinner will be at 6-30pm And the Evening concert will begin at 7-30 pm.
We do know that some people are experiencing financial difficulties in these times. So if this is the case for you please contact the organising team to arrange a payment plan.
The past two years have been very challenging for all of Humanity and our communities, having to face the traumatic events and setbacks that covid-19 brought with it. Many people have been facing bereavement, isolation, loss of jobs and income and even loss of homes or loss of loved ones. This has Triggered mental health conditions or exacerbated existing ones. In the midst of all the changes finding ways to stay conscious, connected and grounded has been difficult.
It has also most certainly been an opportunity for us to explore the inner journey and develop other skills and capacities to assist us. One of those being “RESILIENCE “.
What does RESILIENCE mean for you ?
One definition is, ‚ÄúThe ability to bounce back in the face of challengers and adversity‚ÄĚ. At Spiritfest 2022 we would like to explore the meaning inwardly and collectively. How can we contribute to and harness inner strengths that can help us rebound more quickly from setbacks such as Covid-19 that brought with it unexpected transitions, illnesses, trauma both personal and collectively.
This will be an opportunity for us to connect again as spiritual family and contribute to the wellbeing of others by sharing ways to self nurture and develop an inner sense of strength, compassion and wellbeing in the face of one of humanities greatest challenges.
The Spiritfest organising team look forward to seeing you all in January
Love and blessings
Mudita, Aparesha, Reva and our all round helper Mahima¬†ūüôŹūüß°ūüĆł
Contact details
Mudita 0415356697
Aparesha 0417451710
Reva 0438201385


** Summer Spiritfest 8-10 January 2021 in Gerringong ** See the Facebook event page here.

** Summer Spiritfest 10-13 January 2020 in Gerringong ** See the Facebook event page here.


** Sydney Summer Spiritfest 5-8 January 2018 ** ALL WELCOME Baden-Powell Scout Centre, Pomona Street, Pennant Hills, by Lane Cove National Park.

 Enquiries please contact Georgina JD on  mobile 0406 372 142 or email

Download the 2018 programme here.

Since 2002, Sydney Summer Spiritfest has brought together people from many paths including pagan, quaker, buddhist, goddess, shaman, and a range of eastern guru-based traditions. This unique, easy-going festival celebrates inclusiveness, and combines the sharing of practical spiritual wisdom with warmth, fun and everyday experience.  Everyone is welcome.

We are so very happy to welcome you to Spiritfest.  We invite you to spend a weekend reconnecting with divine love, in a safe and supportive environment that will encourage you to live deeply in your feelings, appreciate the beauty of life and discern what is true for you as you walk your path.

Our journeys to be here at this beautiful site on indigenous Cameraygal land, and in this community of seekers are varied and meaningful. We come for rejuvenation, celebration, healing… to sing in the meditation hall, dance joyously, see old friends, meet new family and to let ourselves be changed by the loving experience of being here together at this spiritual gathering.

At this, our 15th Spiritfest, the programme is as wide ranging as ever. As always, all spiritual paths are welcome. The magic of kiirtan / chanting and collective meditation are at the heart of Spiritfest. We offer you time to be immersed in a soundscape amid live guitar and percussion, exploring spirit in sound and movement and discovering the healing potential of our own voices chanting Sanskrit mantra and sacred songs. Meditation is the gift of letting go of preconceptions and knowing the unknowable: to know ourselves as one, not separate. If you don’t have your own practice, we’re happy to share some that will guide you to your own direct experience.

In this non-profit event we co-create a communal village. It works because we use good sense and cooperative effort. Community guidelines have evolved to help things run smoothly.  To keep costs low, we’re all happily rostered for one kitchen related task. Cost is all inclusive: nurturing vegetarian food, accommodation and inspiring activities. Please bring cash as there is no pre-registration or credit card facilities. Adults $240/220 or Saturday $100/90, Sunday $80/70.  Monday Retreat additional $50/40.  Children up to 5 free, up to 14 half price. Concession rates include students, low waged and travellers > 150km. While one day attendance is welcome, we find the most benefit is to be gained by committing to the full weekend as an integral part of a loving community.


* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2017 * * ¬†Download the Spiritfest 2017 Programme¬†here for our 14th year, with the theme of “Spiritual Revolution”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2016 * * ¬†Download the ¬†for the programme details here ¬†SF2016_Programme¬†for¬†our 13th year, with the theme of “Divinity”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2015 * * ¬†Download the 2015 Sydney Summer Spiritfest brochure here¬†for the programme details of our 12th year, with the theme of “Commitment”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2013 * *¬† Download the 2013 brochure here for the programme¬†details of our 11th¬†year, with the theme of “Passion”.

* * Sydney Summer Spiritfest 2012 * *¬† A very BIG THANK YOU to our fabulous¬†crew and everyone who made the 2012¬†Spiritfest amazing! We especially¬†thank Michelle & Carolyn for¬†being our wonderful Chefs for¬†6 years! ¬†We celebrated the theme¬†“Gratitude” in 2012, to see what happened¬†download our 2012 brochure here.

If you have attended Spiritfest in the past, please feel free to join the Sydney Summer Spiritfest Facebook Group here for updates and to connect with others.





Baden-Powell Scout Centre, Pomona Street, Pennant Hills
by Lane Cove National Park.

Download the Womyns_Retreat2017 program for all the details.

Activities include yoga, meditation, chanting, workshops, drumming, dancing, tai chi, concerts, stalls.
No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary.
All spiritual paths welcome and included.

$120 pay in cash when arrive; $100 for interstate womyn ‚Äď includes accommodation, all activities and some food. Saturday $60 / Sunday $60

Please ring to book – Georgina JD mobile 0406 372 142
or email

Laugh, play and nurture your spirit in the company of wise, wonderful womyn.



Dharma Chakra

Monthly Meditation

Spiritfesters enjoy a monthly meditation group held in Tempe, inner west Sydney on a Sunday night 6pm-9pm. Delicious vegetarian pot-luck shared dinner included. All welcome. Dates for 2017:

February 5
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4
July 2
August 6
September 3
October 8
November 12
December 17

RSVP – Please ring Aparesha or Reva on 02 9591 2288 or Jayadiipa (JD) on 0406 372 142 so we can coordinate our shared dinner after kiirtan, meditation,inspirational readings.

‚ÄúMay all beings see the bright side of everything. May all beings be healed. May all beings be at peace.‚ÄĚ Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

All welcome at the annual Winter Spiritfest Retreat held in Ballina.  The next one will be held from 5pm on 25 Рmidday 29  May 2017. There will be plenty of kiirtan, meditation, yoga, great and varied workshops, and lots of time for getting together with old friends and new.

What is Ballina Spiritfest? celebration: yoga, meditation, great music, new friends, creative workshops, dancing, drumming, concerts, children’s activities, swimming, bushwalking, accommodation and fantastic vegetarian food. As always, all spiritual paths are welcome. Collective meditation & kiirtan (chanting to live guitar and drums) are the heart of Spiritfest. Don’t let lack of meditation experience keep you away. We’re happy to show you the basics. This is a wonderful gathering to share with your kids. We provide an engaging children’s festival with lots of interactive indoor & outdoor fun.

Ballina Spiritfest is a smaller, slower, cosier version of Sydney Summer Spiritfest. With a usual attendance of 25-30 plus children, we have plenty of kiirtan, a couple of philosophy workshops, morning yoga, some other workshops (e.g. music healing) and two evening concerts. The afternoon soccer game is a highlight as are Bratati’s stories and the devotional flow. There’s plenty of time for catching up with old friends and lots of opportunities for making new. It’s a chance to re-create, re-focus and re-connect.  Join us in paying respect to the Arakwal people, the original owners of this area, and keep your eyes open for passing whales, resident dolphins and other wildlife.

Visit the website for details and to contact the wonderful organisers

Join the Ballina Spiritfest Facebook group here for updates.

Dada Prana 1943 – 2012

Dada PranaOur wonderful Dada Prana died this afternoon our time (Sunday 18 November 2012 at 9.50pm USA Eastern Time), surrounded by kiirtan and a heart circle. He will be missed by many, all over the world, and certainly at Spiritfest, which he loved. Dada gave so generously and his hearty laugh, sparkling eyes and wise counsel gave us all an opportunity to better understand spiritual philosophy from a loving and inclusive perspective. See you next time round Dada Рor maybe not. No doubt Baba has big plans for you.

Six weeks ago he rang and asked us to share with you that “we are infinite beings and we all have an appointment with infinity. The universal mind is formless – it is the pure energy of love, beauty, kindness and creativity and it can’t die.” In a card he wrote after Spiritfest this year: “I’m very glad to be of service to you all and I am thankful for your service to me as well. Be the love you want to see in the world.”

During Sisters’ Retreat this weekend, 33 of us sent a loving kiirtan heart circle to Dada. There is so much love around the world for Dada Prana.

We love you Dada and your welcoming smile and knowledgeable ways. Thank you for loving us and embracing our tribe over the last 8 years. And for dancing with glee across our ‘Eurovision’ stage this year. You are irreplaceable. Blessed Be.

Jayadiipa, Gabe, Jai and Sofara xxxx
19 November 2012

Visit Dada Prana’s Memorial webpage¬†(select Dada Prana from the¬†list on the left after clicking)

Read Dada Prana’s Graduate Paper on Heart Circles

View Dada Prana’s short series of 15 youtube video interviews

Listen to a 1 hour¬†blogtalk radio interview with Georgina Abrahams about Spiritfest with thanks to Connie & Charly at “Stretch Your Mind and Body” (21 October 2009).